• Have Faith in God

    March 29, 2016 faith

    Faith is incredibly important in the Christian life! Here are 3 key ways to strengthen...

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Scared of the Future? Here's God's Promise.

March 29, 2016 God

The world can be a scary place, full of frightening unknowns. God gives us hope...

How You Can Have Favor With God!

March 29, 2016 God

The Bible talks about "having favor with God." God loves you and wants to bless...

Who First Saw Jesus When He Rose From the Dead?

March 27, 2016 jesus

When Jesus first rose from the dead, He was seen by one person first --...

Christ is Risen for You

March 27, 2016 jesus

Jesus rose from the dead for you. He loves you and died so that you...

Why is There an Easter Bunny?

March 26, 2016 Bible

What does the Easter bunny have to do with Jesus?  Click here to find out....

Why Does the Date of Easter Change Every Year?

March 25, 2016 jesus

Every year, we celebrate Easter on a different day. Why is this?

Why is Good Friday So Important?

March 25, 2016 jesus

Good Friday is the day Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins

The Importance of Faith

March 24, 2016 Bible

Why is faith so important? There are many good things we can do, so why...

Things We Can Praise God For!

March 24, 2016 worship

There are many things to praise God for. Here are just a few of them...