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What Did Jesus Do First After His Resurrection?

October 07, 2016 jesus

If you had been murdered as an innocent man, what would you do first if...

The Peace of God

October 07, 2016 peaceBible

God's promise for our peace can be found in Philippians chapter 4.

The Bible's Heroes of Faith

October 07, 2016 faith

In our time, heroes are often portrayed with giant muscles and perfect smiles. It sends...

Live by Faith, Not by Feelings

October 07, 2016 faith

God created us as creatures of faith. He calls us to do all things through...

What are the Seven Spirits of God?

October 06, 2016 Bible

We take a look at a reference in one of the Bible's most mysterious books....

Miles McPherson's Story of Salvation and Addiction

October 06, 2016 Hope

Miles McPherson was a pro NFL athlete who got addicted to cocaine. Watch his inspiring...

My Prayer for Your Family

October 06, 2016 prayer

As Christians, we ache for our families to know Jesus and to live fruitful lives...

My Prayer for Your Joy

October 06, 2016 joyprayer

Today I'm praying that you would fully experience the joy that Jesus gives! I encourage...

What Was Church Like 2,000 Years Ago?

October 06, 2016 Bible

Has church changed much in 2,000 years? The Book of Acts gives us a great...