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Prayer for God's Forgiveness

November 16, 2016 jesusprayer

Have you ever felt utter dread at the thought of asking someone for forgiveness -...

What Does it Cost to Follow Jesus?

November 09, 2016 Bible

The gift of eternal life is free, but following Jesus takes everything!

What is the Key to Eternal Life?

November 06, 2016 Bible

What is the key to obtaining eternal life? The Bible tells us!

After Jesus, Who Is Mentioned The Most Times In The Bible?

November 05, 2016 Bible

Jesus is the most mentioned person in the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation, His role...

Honest Wrestling with God

October 29, 2016 Bible

Don't live hiding from God. God is the safest place to take your anger, your...

How to Resist Temptation

October 28, 2016 Bible

Greg Laurie teaches from Luke 4, where Jesus withstands temptation by the Devil.

God's Plan for Anxiety

October 24, 2016 peace

We are commanded to turn over our worry to God and receive His peace.

Be Generous With God's Gifts

October 20, 2016 Bible

There's extravagant power available when we're generous.

Can I Apply All of God's Promises to My Life?

October 15, 2016 Bible

God made rich promises to Israel in the Old Testament. Are those promises ours in...