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When Is It A Good Time To Be Silent?

February 12, 2018 Bible

Have you ever been in a situation where someone is telling you about their troubles,...

People's Love For Us May Change But Does God's?

February 07, 2018 Bible

When we think about God's love for us, it is often easy to put in...

Finding Rest in Psalm 23

February 01, 2018 Bible

We are a lot like sheep. Thankfully, we have a Good Shepherd.

How the Bible can Change Your Life

January 17, 2018 Bible

The Bible is God's inspired Word. It was written centuries ago, but it is alive...

Living a Fearless Life

December 03, 2017 Bible

We find freedom from fear when we find our identity in God's care.

Who Is El-Gibhor In The Bible?

December 01, 2017 Bible

We find this name in part of a long title in Isaiah 9:6.   For to...

3 Bible Promises For Those Who Make Peace

November 24, 2017 peaceBible

It's not easy work for peace in our family relationships or in our community, but...

Getting The Right Focus

November 13, 2017 Bible

"...think about these things."