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Do You Accidentally Stop Your Kids from Praying?

May 23, 2016 prayer

Don't criticize your children as they do their best to develop a relationship with God!...

Let Your Children Hear You Pray!

May 20, 2016 prayer

This is the most important part of teaching your children to pray!

4 Things that Keep Us from Praying with Our Kids

May 19, 2016 prayer

What's stopping you from teaching your kids to pray?

Is Your Child Too Young to Pray?

May 19, 2016 prayer

These three stories are inspiring and a lot of fun to hear!

Be an Example to Your Kids in Prayer

May 18, 2016 prayer

When you pray with your kids, expect to learn something!

The Praying Family

May 18, 2016 prayer

What could be more wonderful than enjoying God together as a family?

There Are More People Praying Now than Ever Before

May 16, 2016 prayer

Scripture prophecy is being fulfilled in our lifetime!

Beautiful Illustration of the Lord's Prayer

May 15, 2016 prayer

Sit with John Piper as he prays along with Jesus.

Putting on the Armor of God Through Prayer

May 13, 2016 prayer

Clothe yourself with God's truth and protection!