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The Miracles of Jesus

April 03, 2016 jesus

When Jesus Christ walked on this earth, He performed many miracles. Here is just one...

Worship God In Song

April 02, 2016 God

 Here in this video, you can worship God along with Hillsong. 

We Are The Church

April 02, 2016 Bible

We often talk about the church as a building, but the church is all of...

What Is Prayer?

April 01, 2016 prayer

Prayer is the conversation of the most important love relationship in our lives. Just like...

Jasmin's Story: Finding Comfort During Loss

April 01, 2016 Hope

Jasmin's world was dramatically changed when her grandpa was diagnosed with cancer. He was like...

What Happens When The Holy Spirit Is In Your Life?

April 01, 2016 Holy Spirit

When God is active in our lives, no matter how bad things look on the...

How To Have Hope In God

April 01, 2016 God

We all want hope in our lives.  Here is how we can have hope --...

How to Have a Strong Prayer Life

April 01, 2016 prayer

Dave Butts teaches about prayer -- and how you can have a strong prayer life...

The Uniqueness of Jesus

March 31, 2016 jesus

Who is Jesus Christ? There is no one like Him in the history of the...