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3 Ways You Can Fight Depression

March 17, 2016 Hope

How does a Christian deal with depression?  Here are 3 suggestions.

How Many Wise Men Were There?

March 16, 2016 jesus

Many people think there were 3 wise men who came to see Jesus and bring...

Who Is Jesus Really?

March 16, 2016 jesus

Almost all of the world's major religions honor Jesus. But Who is He really?

3 Key Points About Money

March 15, 2016 money

The Bible has lots to say about money. Here are 3 key points.

How to Be Sure You Are a Christian

March 15, 2016 salvation

 How can you know that you are a Christian and going to heaven? This short...

3 Amazing Ways that God Loves You

March 15, 2016 Bible

Sometimes you need some help remembering that you are loved. God gave us thousands of...

How To Have Joy In Your Life

March 14, 2016 joy

How can we have joy in our lives? We often think that joy and happiness...

Why Do We Call It Good Friday?

March 14, 2016 jesus

Good Friday is the day Christians commemorate Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our...

How to be Filled with God's Holy Spirit

March 10, 2016 Holy Spirit

There is one God in 3 persons — God the Father; Jesus Christ the Son...