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What Four Songs Are Recorded In The Bible Around Jesus' Birth?

December 17, 2020 jesusBiblechristmas

In the Bible, we often see people giving praise to God for the wonderful things...

What Makes the Psalms so Powerful?

December 13, 2020 Bible

There are 150 Psalms in the Bible. What makes them so appealing?

6 Things To Be Thankful For

December 07, 2020 Bible

Thankfulness is one of the keys to happiness and peace. Here are 6 things you...

What Is The Church And Why Is It Important?

December 06, 2020 Bible

There are many beautiful church buildings in the world, and when we think of the...

How Can We Be The Light In A Dark World?

November 20, 2020 jesusBible

Be the light has become a popular saying. People say it to inspire others to...

What Does It Mean To Worship God?

November 20, 2020 GodBible

What does it mean to worship God? Is it simply singing songs to Him while...

What is Prayer And Why Is It Important?

November 19, 2020 prayerBible

Prayer is a key factor in our walk with God. But, what is prayer? Prayer...

What We Need To Know About The Holy Spirit

November 14, 2020 GodBibleHoly Spiritvideo

We seem to talk a lot about God and Jesus, but what about the Holy...

What Do The Gospels Say About Who Jesus Is?

November 14, 2020 jesusBible

Almost everyone in the world has heard the name Jesus before, but many many people...