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The Parable of the Sower

July 01, 2016 videoBible

Jesus taught this parable on the shores of the Sea of Galilee. Greg Laurie explains...

Do People in Heaven Know What's Happening on Earth?

July 01, 2016 videoBible

Greg Laurie and Randy Alcorn discuss what the Bible says.

What is the Unforgivable Sin?

July 01, 2016 videoBible

We look at what Jesus says about blasphemy against the Holy Spirit in Matthew 12....

Practice the Word of God to Know His Will

July 01, 2016 videoBible

Travel to Greece with Greg Laurie for this object lesson on discovering God's plan for...

The Bible Is a Window

June 27, 2016 videoBible

The Bible is not a portrait of God.

How to Fight Laziness

June 27, 2016 videoBible

God put us on the planet to be workers with Him!

Come See the Beauty of God in the Bible

June 27, 2016 videoBible

"How much of the Bible would you have to read or hear to see the...

The Heavens Tell the Glory of God

June 27, 2016 videoBible

God expects you to see the miracles around you and see God's glory.

What is the Secret to Billy Graham's Success?

June 25, 2016 Bible

Billy Graham spoke to millions. What was the key to his success in seeing so...