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3 Bible Promises For Those Who Make Peace

November 24, 2017 peaceBible

It's not easy work for peace in our family relationships or in our community, but...

Getting The Right Focus

November 13, 2017 Bible

"...think about these things."

3 Bible Verses About Being Famous

November 01, 2017 Bible

The internet age has only heightened our culture’s worship of celebrity. Is it okay to...

Who Did Jesus Say Would be Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven?

October 24, 2017 Bible

We all want to be great.  Who did Jesus say would be the greatest?

What is the Last Verse in the Bible -- and Why is It Important?

October 23, 2017 Bible

The first verse in the Bible talks about God's creating the heavens and the earth. ...

Be Generous With God's Gifts

October 20, 2017 Bible

There's extravagant power available when we're generous.

What is the Verse in the Middle of the Whole Bible?

October 04, 2017 Bible

Of all the verses in the Bible, what is the verse right in the middle?...

What Makes the Psalms so Powerful?

September 26, 2017 Bible

There are 150 Psalms in the Bible. What makes them so appealing?

What Kind of Person Does God Bless?

September 20, 2017 Bible

The world blesses people with money, fame, success and cutthroat ambition. Jesus blesses a different...