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Miles McPherson's Story of Salvation and Addiction

October 06, 2016 Hope

Miles McPherson was a pro NFL athlete who got addicted to cocaine. Watch his inspiring...

3 Promises From Psalms For When You Feel Hopeless

September 06, 2016 Hope

When your soul faces a dark night, or when everything begins to slide off the...

1 Thing Every Girl Needs To Know

August 22, 2016 videoHope

Do you know that you are loved? It will change your whole life.

Replacing Anxiety with Peace and Joy

August 12, 2016 videoHope

What can taxi accidents in New York teach us about dealing with conflict? Leave this...

How Can God Redeem Violence and Poverty?

August 08, 2016 videoHope

God doesn't want His children to suffer, but even when we do suffer in unthinkable...

The Biggest Problems In The Western Church

July 29, 2016 videoHope

In less than three minutes, Tim Keller identifies the cancer within the western church.

Why Is Sex Outside Of Marriage So Destructive?

July 29, 2016 videoHope

This 2 minute interview with Tim Keller gives me a lot of hope for my...

Get Happy in God

June 24, 2016 Hope

How can God break through my sadness?

God Has Always Loved You

June 22, 2016 Hope

God has always been chasing after you with loving-kindness, even when you've been hiding.