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My Prayer for Your Joy

June 25, 2021 joyprayer

Today I'm praying that you would fully experience the joy that Jesus gives! I encourage...

There Are More People Praying Now than Ever Before

June 10, 2021 videoprayer

Scripture prophecy is being fulfilled in our lifetime!

Get the Grace to Forgive Others

May 17, 2021 prayerHope

One of the most painful parts of living in a sinful world is being hurt...

My Prayer for Your Family

May 10, 2021 prayer

As Christians, we ache for our families to know Jesus and to live fruitful lives...

5 Steps Jesus Took When Praying For People

April 19, 2021 prayer

Five steps that Jesus took to pray for people in a powerful and loving way. ...

Praying for Others

February 04, 2021 prayer

Praying is talking with God.  It is amazing, but the God of the entire universe...

3 Keys to Answered Prayer

February 03, 2021 prayer

We all want to see God answer our prayers. Sometimes our prayers are selfish or...

What is Prayer And Why Is It Important?

November 19, 2020 prayerBible

Prayer is a key factor in our walk with God. But, what is prayer? Prayer...