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Get the Grace to Forgive Others

November 16, 2016 prayerHope

One of the most painful parts of living in a sinful world is being hurt...

My Prayer for Freedom from Depression

October 12, 2016 prayerHope

For those of us that have felt the heavy weight of depression, we know it...

My Prayer for Your Peace

October 10, 2016 prayer

God never promised that our lives would be free of all stress and trouble, but...

My Prayer for Your Family

October 06, 2016 prayer

As Christians, we ache for our families to know Jesus and to live fruitful lives...

Your Government Bans Prayer: What Do You Do?

August 29, 2016 prayer

This is not a new problem. For thousands of years, across many continents, government leaders have...

Should I Pray for the Leaders I Dislike?

August 29, 2016 prayer

There's no way we're going to agree with or like every leader out there -...

Try Popcorn Praise!

June 06, 2016 prayer

As we teach our kids to be comfortable praying out loud, we can stretch ourselves....

Become a Family of Prayer Missionaries

June 06, 2016 prayer

Meet needs around the world by praying in your kitchen!

Help Your Kids Listen to God

June 06, 2016 prayer

The world is a crowded and noisy place.