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My Prayer for Your Peace

October 10, 2016 prayer

God never promised that our lives would be free of all stress and trouble, but...

Your Government Bans Prayer: What Do You Do?

August 29, 2016 prayer

This is not a new problem. For thousands of years, across many continents, government leaders have...

A Prayer For You

June 01, 2016 prayer

May God bless you and keep you; may He make His face to shine upon...

Beautiful Illustration of the Lord's Prayer

May 15, 2016 videoprayer

Sit with John Piper as he prays along with Jesus.

Praying for Other People

May 13, 2016 videoprayer

Do you ever get stuck when you're trying to pray for someone else?

Becoming the House of Prayer

May 12, 2016 prayer

God chooses to live in the hearts of believers!  

What Can I Pray For?

April 30, 2016 prayer

It almost seems bold for us to pray to the God of the entire universe,...

Prayer for Balance through Jesus

April 27, 2016 videoprayer

Jesus, lead us to balance and peace in You. This world is a chaotic place,...

Prayer for Peace in Jesus

April 22, 2016 videoprayer

God wants to give you deep peace... no matter what you're facing. Jesus loves you...