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Prayer for Peace in Jesus

April 22, 2016 prayer

God wants to give you deep peace... no matter what you're facing. Jesus loves you...

Asking God for What You Need

April 22, 2016 prayer

God loves to provide for us!

My Prayer for You: REST

April 20, 2016 prayer

Will you let us pray for you to feel God's rest? We pray this lifts...

Praying with a Thankful Heart

April 19, 2016 prayer

Our prayers are stronger when they are built on the foundation of thankfulness.

Praising God in Prayer

April 18, 2016 prayer

When we really see who God is, praise is the only way to respond! 

The Best Way to Pray

April 14, 2016 prayer

Don't get hung up on formality or tell God what you think He wants to...

Talking to the King of Everything

April 13, 2016 prayer

Prayer puts you first in line at the throne room of God!

The Holy Spirit Shows Us How to Pray

April 11, 2016 prayer

Prayer doesn't start with us, it starts with God!

The Power of Prayer

April 09, 2016 prayer

Prayer changes things!  Here is how you can experience God's power in prayer.