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Why Are Healthy Leaders Both Strong And Weak?

August 26, 2016 wisdomvideo

A leader that appears or claims to be perfect should set off a red flag...

Does God Speak To Us?

August 26, 2016 videoHoly Spirit

"Why is it when we talk to God we're said to be praying — but...

How To Experience The Holy Spirit

August 23, 2016 videoHoly Spirit

Do the comfortable need the Comforter? The Bible shows us that living a "safe" life...

1 Thing Every Girl Needs To Know

August 22, 2016 videoHope

Do you know that you are loved? It will change your whole life.

How God Meets Us When We're Depressed

August 19, 2016 joyvideo

Sometimes there are only things we can see in the dark. If you're going through...

10 Things Christians Should Stop Saying

August 19, 2016 wisdomvideo

Do you slip these common sayings into conversations? You should really reconsider.

What Is God's Plan For Sex?

August 19, 2016 wisdomvideo

Is it possible that the Bible's direction for sex brings more depth, joy, and beauty into...

What Should Christian Men Know About Dating?

August 17, 2016 wisdomvideo

This is wise, godly advice about starting a relationship that honors God.

Six Ways To Make Disciples Without Making Life Busier

August 15, 2016 wisdomvideo

Caesar Kalinowski shares his six rhythms to inviting and empowering people to follow Jesus.