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God Can Keep Us Pure

July 22, 2016 videoBible

John Piper looks at the ways we could slip into evil and how we can...

Why Do We Pray for God to Come?

July 22, 2016 videoBiblejohn piper

If God is everywhere, why does the Bible teach us to invite God's presence?

Do You Need To Attend A Church To Be Spiritually Healthy?

July 21, 2016 videosalvation

Can you be a Christian without other people involved in your life? Trip Lee talks...

The Gospel Is Our Story for the Rest of Our Lives

July 13, 2016 videosalvation

The Gospel meets us at the beginning of our spiritual life, but it should never...

How Jesus Brings Us Through Suffering

July 13, 2016 joyvideo

Miscarriage is terribly hard to go through, but Jesus is the greatest joy.

3 Steps to Make Your Life Count

July 11, 2016 videoBible

Proverbs 3:5-6 has three steps to keep us from wasting our lives.

What Will Our Bodies Be Like in Heaven?

July 08, 2016 videoBible

The description of Jesus' body after the resurrection tells us a lot about what our...

Things We Should Remember When Sharing the Gospel

July 01, 2016 videosalvation

We need to tactfully share the truth about Jesus through love with our neighbors.

Knowing that God Is Pleased with You

July 01, 2016 videoBible

Jesus makes us pleasing to God.