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The Two Scariest Lies on Earth

May 16, 2016 videoBible

Francis Chan thinks these are the most prevalent and destructive lies told today.

Beautiful Illustration of the Lord's Prayer

May 15, 2016 videoprayer

Sit with John Piper as he prays along with Jesus.

Putting on the Armor of God Through Prayer

May 13, 2016 videoprayer

Clothe yourself with God's truth and protection!

Praying for Other People

May 13, 2016 videoprayer

Do you ever get stuck when you're trying to pray for someone else?

Telling People About Jesus

May 13, 2016 videoprayer

"Talk to God about people before we talk to people about God."

Becoming the House of Prayer

May 12, 2016 videoprayer

God chooses to live in the hearts of believers!  

The Cross With Billy Graham

May 12, 2016 videoBible

The late preacher, Billy Graham, preached the gospel to hundreds of millions of people around...

Why Does the Church Exist?

May 11, 2016 videoprayer

Together and individually, Jesus calls us to pray!

How to Spend Time with Jesus

May 11, 2016 videoprayer

Serve God, but don't miss out on being WITH God!