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Are You Ready to Hear God?

April 08, 2016 videoprayer

Romin shares 4 steps for hearing God more clearly.

Becoming the New You!

April 07, 2016 videosalvation

Are you trying to live for Jesus but you find yourself doing things that belong...

Why Christ Is Supreme

April 05, 2016 videojesus

Here in this video from John Piper you will learn about the fact that Jesus...

How the Holy Spirit Helps You Everyday

April 04, 2016 videoHoly Spirit

God says He'll never leave nor forsake you and we see that promise fulfilled by...

We Are The Church

April 02, 2016 videoBible

We often talk about the church as a building, but the church is all of...

What Is Prayer?

April 01, 2016 videoprayer

Prayer is the conversation of the most important love relationship in our lives. Just like...

How to Have a Strong Prayer Life

April 01, 2016 videoprayer

Dave Butts teaches about prayer -- and how you can have a strong prayer life...