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What Does God Do When One Of His Sheep Wanders?

April 17, 2018 GodBiblevideo

Jesus often taught by using stories or asking people what they would do in a...

Even When All Seems Lost, God Is With Us In Our Sorrow

April 03, 2018 GodBiblevideo

Unfortunately, the world is not free from pain and sorrow. Whether you are a Christian...

There Is Only One Thing That Can Wash Away Our Sins And That Is The Precious Blood Of Jesus!

March 27, 2018 videojesussalvationBible

God is holy and just; He is not able to be with sin. If our...

Jesus Did Not Just Pay Part Of Our Sin; He Paid It All!

March 22, 2018 videojesussalvation

There is an old hymn written by Elvina M. Hall called "Jesus Paid It All,"...

Jesus Never Quits on You

February 02, 2018 videojesus

Is Jesus your savior? Who is Jesus? His miracles and teaching had people asking that 2,000...

Receive God’s Love

January 31, 2018 videosalvation

HAVE you ever felt truly loved? Like the kind that doesn’t care what you act like...

Does God Grade on a Curve?

January 19, 2018 salvationvideo

We often, mistakenly, compare ourselves to other people. God's standard is different.

How Is God's Love for You Like Wedding Vows?

January 19, 2018 videoHope

Have you responded to God's proposal? He has taken the initiative to reach out in...

Why Isn't Knowing About God The Same As Knowing Him?

January 19, 2018 videosalvation

Being raised in a Christian family, and doing all the "Christian things," does not mean...