The Importance of Faith

Why is faith so important? There are many good things we can do, so why is faith so important in the Bible?

We should tell the truth; we should be kind; we should go to church; we should pray.  

Yet faith is the basis for our becoming a Christian. Is there a reason that having faith is so important?

Ultimately that is up to God and He has made that decision. As we think about it, though, here are some thoughts as to why faith must be so key.

First, we must believe in God. If we don't, then we are atheists. If we don't even believe in God, then how could we spend eternity with Him in heaven; and how could we ask forgiveness of our sins? So we must believe in God.

But faith is more than just intellectually believing something; there is also an element of trust.  When we express our faith in God, we trust God with our lives and our future. So there is both heart and mind involved in faith.

And also, there is commitment. When we get married, we commit our lives to another person. When we express faith and trust in God, we commit our lives to Him even though we have not seen Him visibly on this earth. We may still sin and make mistakes, but if we believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who died for our sins, and accept Him into our lives and commit our lives to Him, we will be saved.

So have faith in God!