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God is Love!

April 06, 2016 God

God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life!  Here are 3 ways...

Are You Searching For Healing?

April 05, 2016 Bible

The Bible speaks about God's healing. Read here how it could apply to you today....

Why Christ Is Supreme

April 05, 2016 jesus

Here in this great video from John Piper you will learn about the fact that...

Stop Working and Start Receiving

April 04, 2016 Bible

Here is a great talk by Francis Chan. You can stop working in your own...

How the Holy Spirit Helps You Everyday

April 04, 2016 Holy Spirit

God says He'll never leave nor forsake you and we see that promise fulfilled by...

God Is Your Heavenly Father

April 04, 2016 God

The greatest news in the whole world is that God -- the God of the...

3 Ways To Trust God For Your Finances

April 03, 2016 God

We all can tend to worry about money.  Here are 3 ways to trust God...

The Miracles of Jesus

April 03, 2016 jesus

When Jesus Christ walked on this earth, He performed many miracles. Here is just one...

Worship God In Song

April 02, 2016 God

 Here in this video, you can worship God along with Hillsong.