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What Is The Church And Why Is It Important?

February 29, 2024 Bible

There are many beautiful church buildings in the world, and when we think of the...

Where Does Hope Come From?

January 05, 2024 videoHope

Where does true hope come from in this world? Here are 3 keys.

Get the Grace to Forgive Others

January 02, 2024 prayerHope

One of the most painful parts of living in a sinful world is being hurt...

Are You Ready To Put Your Hope In God?

December 29, 2023 GodBibleHope

At the start of the New Year, many people make resolutions. Resolutions are basically goals...

The Weary World Rejoices- An Advent Concert

December 22, 2023 worshipchristmasvideo

Are you weary? I know I am, and I believe most of our world is...

My Christmas Prayer for You!

December 16, 2023 christmasjesus

This Christmas you may be surrounded by laughter and light - friends and family that...

This Heart-Warming Retelling Of Jesus' Birth Is Sure To Make You Smile

December 15, 2023 jesusBiblechristmas

Sometimes, the best things come out of the mouths of kids! Watch this cute video...

What Do The Gospels Say About Who Jesus Is?

December 14, 2023 jesusBible

Almost everyone in the world has heard the name Jesus before, but many many people...

A Christmas Prayer For Peace

December 12, 2023 christmasjesusprayer

Prayer is such a wonderful resource that we have! During this busy season, we can...