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Finding Rest in Psalm 23

January 06, 2021 Bible

We are a lot like sheep. Thankfully, we have a Good Shepherd.

Traditional Japanese Artist Discovers God Through Art

January 05, 2021 wisdomvideo

"I realized that I didn't have a place in my heart— a shelf in my...

When Is It A Good Time To Be Silent?

January 01, 2021 Bible

Have you ever been in a situation where someone is telling you about their troubles,...

Why Did Jesus Come To The World?

December 25, 2020 easterjesusBiblechristmas

Jesus' birth was foretold by the prophet Isaiah centuries before He was born. But, it...

A Powerful Portrayal of Jesus' Birth

December 24, 2020 christmasjesusvideo

The Chosen is a powerful portrayal of Jesus' life and is now playing in over...

My Christmas Prayer for You!

December 23, 2020 jesus

This Christmas you may be surrounded by laughter and light - friends and family that...

The Christmas Story

December 22, 2020 jesus

Do you know the Christmas story, the story of Jesus birth found in the gospels...

This Heart-Warming Retelling Of Jesus' Birth Is Sure To Make You Smile

December 20, 2020 jesusBiblechristmas

Sometimes, the best things come out of the mouths of kids! Watch this cute video...