How Is Moses Like All of Us?

God's call is bigger than our excuses because His call is full of promises.

Exodus chapter 3 tells us how Moses, a refugee shepherd, encounters God and is called to return to Egypt to lead the Hebrews to Israel. Over and over again, the Bible shows God using ordinary people to bring freedom to captives. As followers of Jesus, this same call is on our life. We often make excuses to avoid it. 

In Exodus chapter 4, we find the excuses Moses makes when he's given this mission from God.  Open your Bible and see if you can match these to the verses.

The 5 Excuses of Moses

  • I am not worthy.
  • I am not prepared.
  • I am not credible.
  • I am not gifted for this.
  • I don't want to.

Do you ever use these excuses with God? Thankfully for Moses, God does not let Moses' excuses bring everything to a screeching halt. God counters those excuses with five promises.

God's 5 Promises

  • I will be with you.
  • I am who I am. 
  • Signs and wonders will accompany My message.
  • I will show you what to say.
  • I will bring you help.

These promises are yours too, as you follow Jesus and announce the Good News of freedom to captives of this world. Let God's promises be louder in your heart than your own excuses. I pray you find yourself more quickly saying, "Yes, Lord" to whatever He asks of you.