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3 Promises From Psalms For When You Feel Hopeless

September 06, 2016 Hope

When your soul faces a dark night, or when everything begins to slide off the...

Is It Possible To Know God Personally?

September 06, 2016 salvation

God can seem so far away. These authors talk about the reasons that changed for...

It's Dangerous To Not Follow God's Truth

September 02, 2016 wisdom

Misconceptions about God's true nature can lead to incredible evil. Follow God and keep truth...

Defining Unconditional Love

September 02, 2016 wisdom

Is who you are really more important than what you do? Rebekah Lyons tells the story...

Does Our Pain Matter to God?

September 02, 2016 wisdom

"If I as a finite human being would do everything within my power including medical...

Who Is Jesus?

September 02, 2016 wisdom

JP Packard tells his story, skeptically investigating the impact Jesus had on the world and...

The Best and Worst Way To Have A Spiritual Conversation

September 02, 2016 wisdom

These personal tips could completely change the way you talk to someone about God.

The Cure For The Fear Of Being Judged

September 02, 2016 wisdom

You were made to be "you," without shame and without concern about what others might...

Traditional Japanese Artist Discovers God Through Art

September 01, 2016 wisdom

"I realized that I didn't have a place in my heart— a shelf in my...