6 Keys to Successful Christian Living - Part 3

What is the 3rd Key?

There are many keys to living a successful and victorious Christian life. While different people may have differing opinions, almost everyone would agree on Key #3.

What is the third key? It is the Bible! The Bible is God's inspired Word. It contains the history of the creation of the world and of the Jewish people and of Jesus and the early church, but it is far more than a history book.

The Bible is God's inspired Word for you -- and for me -- to help us live the Christian life. It contains the truth of God for our lives.  

The Bible has supernatural power. When the Apostle Paul listed the spiritual weapons of the Christian life, the one offensive weapon given is the Word of God -- the sword of the Spirit.

The Bible contains Christian truth which applies to your life today. We are to love even our enemies. We are to ask God for forgiveness when we sin. We are to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are to forgive others. We are to praise and worship God.  We cannot do any of these in the power of our own strength -- only by asking Christ to be our Savior and asking God to fill us with His Holy Spirit.

So read the Bible every day and ask God to speak to you through His Word!  It is inspired by God and it can change your life for all eternity.  The third key to the Christian life?  Read -- and learn from -- and ask God to help you obey -- the Bible!