6 Keys to Successful Christian Living - Part 4

What is the 4th Key?

There are many keys to successfully living the victorious Christian life. One key is to be sure you are a Christian and have received Christ as your Savior. A second key is to be filled with God's Holy Spirit. A third key is the Bible.  Here is a 4th key.

A 4th key to living a victorious Christian life is prayer!

What is prayer?  Prayer is talking with God!  God loves you and He wants to spend time with you. Just like you want to spend time with someone that you love, so God loves to spend time with you.  

When you pray, it is like talking with someone -- you spend part of your time talking, and you spend part of your time listening.  Praise and thanksgiving and worship is an important element of prayer -- we should thank God for His many blessings and tell Him we love Him and worship Him in prayer and praise and song.

It is important to listen. You may not hear God's voice out loud, but as you quiet your heart before Him and listen you can sense His heart and His peace and His love and His presence. You may also hear Him speaking to you in the quietness of your heart.

We can also pray for others! Many people have needs, both loved ones and people far away. You can ask God to bless others and pour His mercy into their lives.

So the 4th key is to spend time with God each day in prayer!