How Can We Have Faith?

Just as a child takes baby steps first, here are 4 ways we can take "baby steps" of faith in God.

When children are little, they learn to walk by taking "baby steps." First, they hold onto things; then they venture out and take a step or two, and then they walk with their daddy or mommy holding them; soon they start taking a few steps themselves.  

Sometimes they fall in the process, but a healthy baby will pick themselves back up, maybe cry a little bit, and then eventually try again -- and soon they are walking!

Here are some ways we can take "baby steps" in our faith walk with God!

  1. Read the Bible to help you develop strong faith in God. Maybe you are not a Bible expert, but you can start small. Read something from the New Testament each day and ask God to help build your faith!
  2. Pray for someone or something. God is your heavenly Father and He loves to answer prayers! He may not always answer in the way or time we think is best, He is God and He knows best; but as you see Him answer prayer even in small ways it can help build your faith to move mountains!
  3. Take a stand! Sometimes we wait for something to happen when it is us who needs to take a stand. Jesus provided a miracle when He enabled Peter to walk on water -- but Peter needed to get out of the boat! Sometimes we need to take a step of faith. A little baby doesn't know they can stand when they try walking, and sometimes they fall down at first, but none of us would be walking if we were afraid to take a little risk.
  4. Fall forward! If we fall, fall into God's loving arms. God loves us and will pick us up. We don't want to be foolish and take stupid chances, but also don't be afraid to try a step of faith. If you fall, God will care for you just like a loving earthly father won't let his child just hurt but will pick them up and love them and care for them.

So don't be afraid! God loves you and wants to help you develop a strengthened walk of faith.

Like newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation—1 Peter 2:2

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