How Long Does it Take to Read the Whole Bible?

The Bible is God's Word. How long does it take if you wanted to read the whole Bible -- New and Old Testaments?

You can read the whole Bible through in a year if you read about 3 chapters a day.  

Each chapter is different in length. There are 1,189 chapters in the Bible so at a little more than 3 chapters a day you would read the whole Bible in a year.  

At there are free versions of the Bible you can download or get on an app. They also have a number of great suggested Bible reading plans.  

For example, rather than reading the Bible starting at Genesis (the first book) and ending at Revelation (the last book), there are different plans that can help you read things in a different order. Some people might recommend reading some from the Old Testament; some from the New Testament; and some from Psalms and Proverbs so you can get more of a balance.