How the Bible can Change Your Life

The Bible is God's inspired Word. It was written centuries ago, but it is alive today and can change your life!

Here are 2 ways the Bible can change your life as you read it today.

1) Pray as you read the Bible and ask God to speak to you! When you read the Bible, you can ask God to speak to your heart. Even though you may be reading words that are written thousands of years ago, the Holy Spirit can speak to you and show you ways the Bible applies to your life today.

2) Ask God "What should I do?" after reading something in the Bible. Sometimes there may be a story or principle that you can apply to your life. For example, if you read about Jesus being kind, you can ask God to show you someone in your life that you can be kind to.

God can change your life as you ask Him to speak to you through His Word!