How to Read the Bible

The Bible is God's Word. It has incredible power for your life today! Here are suggestions for how to read the Bible.

The Bible is God's Word to us. It was revealed by the Holy Spirit to men of God over hundreds of years, but it is alive and relevant to us today!

How should we read the Bible? There are many ways to read God's Word; here are a few thoughts and suggestions.

  1. Begin with prayer.  Ask God to show you His leading and wisdom through His Word.
  2. Start small. Don't feel as if you have to read the whole Bible at once. You might begin with the New Testament and with Psalms.
  3. Read something every day. If you want to be healthy in your body, you should eat healthy food every day. It is the same with God's Word. Take in God's spiritual truth every day and you will be stronger spiritually!

God will speak to you as you read and study His Word!