My Prayer for Your Joy

Today I'm praying that you would fully experience the joy that Jesus gives! I encourage you to read this prayer silently or out loud, asking God to give you His joy...

Dear Lord,

You say in Your word that YOUR JOY will be our strength. 

God, Let me know Your joy as Father - running out from the front porch to meet me. Let me know Your joy in Your children coming home. I want to feel Your celebration over me!

God Let me know Your joy as Commander of Heaven's Army that fights for me. I rest in joy knowing that You are my defender, my fortress, my protector. You are always victorious!

God, Let me know Your joy as Creator of all things. I want to feel what You feel as You see Your creation reflecting Your beauty, glory and resurrection power. I want to know the joy You feel as You're completely assured of Your coming kingdom!

You are my healer. My Provider! My Salvation! My Help! 

May my joy be complete in You. I invite You, Holy Spirit, to abide in me - Your light pushing out all darkness from the corners of my heart.

I proclaim that in You, I find freedom from depression, anxiety and a spirit of heaviness!

In Jesus' Mighty Name I Pray. Amen!