Prayer for God's Forgiveness

Have you ever felt utter dread at the thought of asking someone for forgiveness - dread that maybe they will not ever be willing to forgive you? As we come to God, we need not feel afraid in that way!

God tells us again and again in His word that He is ready and willing to forgive our every sin. I encourage you to read this prayer silently or aloud to Your loving Father - who is faithful to forgive you!

Dear Father-

Loving Father, faithful friend, I long to be like You in all of my thoughts, actions and feelings toward myself and others. But I’ve come up short. I’ve sinned.

I don’t want anything to separate me from You - will You wash me in Your forgiveness?

Help me to get up each day and live a righteous life by the power of Your Spirit. And to come straight to You when I fall short of that. Restore me to Yourself and lift off all my shame.

Help me to love others with Your perfect love and to be in peace and unity with everyone around me. I want to be humble and to ask for the forgiveness of the people in my life too - give me that courage.

Thank You that You are GOOD - You are HOLY - You are PERFECT LOVE! You are my SAVIOR!

In Jesus’ Name, Amen