What is the Shortest Verse in the Bible -- and Why is It Important?

The shortest verse in the Bible is found in the book of John, Chapter 11, verse 35. The verse?

This is the shortest verse in the whole Bible -- just two words. One subject; one verb. "Jesus wept."

Why is it so important? John is telling the story about Lazarus, a friend of Jesus who had just died. Jesus met with Lazarus' sisters Mary and Martha and was coming to the tomb where Lazarus was laid. In just a few minutes, Jesus would perform a miracle and Lazarus would be raised from the dead.

So why is it important to know that Jesus, moved with compassion, wept? Jesus is the Son of God and has all power. Some cultures might think that God is impersonal; a giant spiritual force with great mind who plans out the universe.  

Jesus is God, and He and God His Father and the Holy Spirit are God and have all power. But God is also love -- and God's heart breaks for the hurts and cares and misfortunes and sins of the world. Jesus was moved with compassion because He loved Lazarus and Mary and Martha.  

And you can know that God loves you and cares for and about you. Jesus isn't just sitting in heaven waiting for the end of time.  He loves you and cares for you and His heart breaks when your heart breaks. God loves you and wants to take you in His heart and arms and bring grace and blessing to your life! God loves you and His heart aches for you in His love!