The First Miracle of Jesus

What can we learn from Jesus turning water to wine at a wedding party? Let's learn what God may have wanted to tell us through this simple miracle...

So, what's the story?

John 2 tells the story of Jesus attending a wedding with his disciples and mother at Cana of Galilee. The party still had hours to go, but they had run out of wine. His mother brought the problem to His attention, and ordered the servants to do anything that Jesus asked. In the end, Jesus transformed 6 giant water pots into wine, without the bridegroom or master of the feast even knowing what had happened!

What can we learn?

1. Jesus cares for us in the little things.

You may think someone as important as Jesus only has time for healing terminal illnesses, but God in the flesh used His precious time and power to meet a need at a party!

2. Miracles happen when we do what Jesus says.

The miracle happened when the servants did precisely what Jesus asked.

3. Jesus is working for us in the background.

Jesus didn't call any attention to Himself in the working of this miracle--- though he could have. Instead, He discreetly met the need without the master of the feast or the bridegroom being aware of it!

My prayer for you:

Lord, help this precious follower to know that You are working for them in the background of their lives! Remind them that you care for their every need--- no matter how big or how small. And Jesus, help us to do miracles in Your name to minister to Your people! In Jesus' Name, Amen