The Miracles of Jesus

When Jesus Christ walked on this earth, He performed many miracles. Here is just one of those miracles -- and how it could affect you today!

When Jesus Christ walked on this earth 2,000 years ago, He came to earth as the Son of God. He was a man, but He was also God Himself manifest here on earth.

So it is no wonder at all if Jesus Christ performed miracles. God is over all nature; He made the natural laws. If God Himself wants to, He can overrule the law of gravity or any other physical law that He created. So Jesus indeed, when He was here on earth, performed many miracles.

One of His miracles was when He fed thousands of people. Several thousand people had gathered to hear His teaching. As the day wore on, His disciples came to them and asked what they should do, since there was no town there and the people would be hungry.

If you or I were the disciples, we would have the same question. We would likely be worried too, how would you feed thousands of people?

Jesus asked a small boy for his lunch of a few fish and loaves of bread; He told His disciples to have the thousands of people sit down; He blessed and broke the loaves and fish, and He miraculously fed thousands of people!

God can do anything!  Are you worried about your finances -- or about what you will eat, or wear, or where you will live? If God clothes the lilies of the field -- if Jesus fed thousands of people starting with a few loaves and fish -- can not God provide for you? It may not take a miracle, but Jesus Christ who lives in us as Christians is still alive today, and he is still the Son of God who can do miracles in our lives.

So trust in God!  And read the Bible, not only to see what God did in the past but to gain faith that God can do miracles in the future and in your life!