What are 3 Ways You Can Be Like King David?

King David was the great king of Israel. How can you be like him?


Here are 3 ways you can be like King David.

  1. He was a man after God's own heart. David praised and sought God and God blessed him! You and I can seek God with our hearts also. Maybe we can't be just like King David, but with the Holy Spirit in our lives when we accept Jesus Christ we can praise and worship God. David praised God; and we can too!
  2. David started with humble circumstances -- and God raised him up! David was a shepherd boy, the youngest of many brothers.  His family was not wealthy, and he did not have high position.  Yet God chose David to be king and raised him up. So don't be discouraged if your circumstances are humble, or if you are not rich, or if you feel like you do not have much to offer.  God sees your heart -- and if it is His plan, He can bless you wherever you are! So don't be discouraged!
  3. David repented and turned back to God when he sinned. Even David, the great man of God, sinned -- and he sinned greatly.  But when he was confronted about his sin, he repented and asked God's forgiveness and turned back to God. If you and I sin, we can also turn our hearts back to God -- and ask His forgiveness. There may be consequences of our sin, but God will forgive us as we ask true forgiveness with Jesus Christ as our Savior. You can begin again!