What Can I Pray For?

It almost seems bold for us to pray to the God of the entire universe, and bring Him our prayer requests. Why should He care about what we have to say? 

The reason is God is our heavenly Father, and He delights in hearing the prayers of His children! When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, we become His children, and we can pray to our heavenly Father in Jesus' name!

Here are some principles of prayer.

  • Ask God to show you His will and then pray according to His will and plan
  • We can pray for our daily provision
  • We can pray for protection from our enemies
  • We can pray for forgiveness of our sins
  • We can pray and give thanks to God for His many blessings
  • We can pray and grant forgiveness to those who have wronged us
  • We can pray and ask God for salvation for our loved ones
  • We can pray and ask God for the gospel to be preached around the world
  • We can pray and ask God to comfort us and our loved ones
  • We can pray and ask God to bless our marriages and our families

This is just a starting point! You can ask God to give you wisdom as to what to pray for!