What Is God's Love?

The whole world wants love! What is God's love?

The Bible talks about 3 different types of love, described by 3 Greek words.

There is phileo, which is like brotherly love. It is the type of affection that good family members can feel for each other.

There is eros, which is romantic love.

And there is agape, which is God's unselfish love. This is the type of love that God has for us and wants us to have for others.

God's unselfish love is described in many places in the Bible; one of them is 1 Corinthians 13. In this chapter, God's love is described as kind; not considering itself; patient; and forgiving.

In ourselves, our own love tends to be limited and we fall into the trap of being very self-centered. So let's ask God for His love to flow through us to others!