What is the Meaning of the Word "Amen"?

We often say the word "Amen" at the end of prayers, and it's found in the Bible.  What does "Amen" mean?

The word "Amen" is found in many places in the Bible. We may think of it as just the way you end a prayer, but it means more than that. While it does not have a simple one-word translation in English, the root word comes from the word or concept of truth or agreement.

So a good translation of "Amen" could be "Let it be so", or "Truly," or "So be it."  

When a congregation says "Amen" to something a pastor says, it is like saying "We agree" or "Let it be so." At the end of a prayer, it is like saying "So be it."  

So each time you say "Amen", you are agreeing with what has been said or prayed before, and saying "Let it be so."  So the little word "Amen" actually has power if there is faith behind it -- you are agreeing with and affirming what has been said!