What is the Secret to Billy Graham's Success?

Billy Graham spoke to millions. What was the key to his success in seeing so many people reached?

There are probably many, many reasons why God so greatly used Billy Graham; we may discover them in heaven!

But one thing certainly played a key role, and that is that Billy Graham relied on the Bible as God's Word. He tells how at one point early in his preaching career, there were people that were doubting the Bible was truly God's Word.  Billy took time to pray and he committed Himself by faith to choosing to believe the Bible was -- and is -- the Word of God.

From that point on, his sermons were heavily filled with "The Bible says." At one point, I counted the number of times Billy quoted the Bible in a sermon -- and it was almost once every minute! The Bible is God's Word and it has the power to change lives -- and Billy preached the Bible.