What One Word or Concept is in Almost 176 Verses in a Row in the Bible?

And where can you find that in the Bible?

In Psalm 119, which is the longest chapter in the Bible, there is one word or related concept, that is in almost every single verse.

What is that word or concept? It is all about God's Word! And almost every single one of the 176 verses in Psalm 119 talks about God's Word.

There are several different words that are used to talk about God's Word.  Psalm 119 talks about:

  • "Your word"
  • "Your statutes"
  • "Your ordinances"
  • "Your commandments"
  • "Your testimonies"
  • "Your law"

All of them refer to God's words given to man by which we can live! So let us study and ask God to help us obey His word.