Who Were the First 3 Kings of Israel?

The nation of Israel is called God's chosen people. Who were the first 3 kings of Israel -- and what were they like?

The nation of Israel was called to be God's chosen people. Thousands of years ago they made their way to the current country of Israel where they settled. After years of operating with no king, they asked God to be able to have a king.  

The first king was King Saul. While he obeyed God in some ways, he fell away from God and his heart did not fully serve and obey God. He died in battle.

The second king was King David. David was a shepherd who God gave the power to defeat the giant Goliath; after many years David became king after the death of Saul. David honored God much of his life, although he sinned and received judgment. He died of old age and was replaced by his son Solomon.

King Solomon was the third king of Israel. He served God much of His life and wrote the book of Proverbs and Song of Solomon in the Bible. His heart was turned away from the Lord in his later years, and his sons did not fully serve God.

After these 3 kings there were a number of others. Some served God, and others turned away from Him. There is only one perfect King -- and that is God!