Why Did Jesus Die on the Cross?

Jesus Christ is the Son of God.  He reigns in majesty in heaven at the right hand of God the Father.  Jesus has the right to be worshipped and praised.

Why then was He put to death on a cross of wood, which was the punishment for common criminals in His day?  Surely God could have prevented this from happening?!

Yes, God could have prevented this from happening – but then we would be lost in our sins!  All of us have sinned – we have done and thought things that are wrong, and our sins separate us from God.  The penalty for sin is death and hell, and eternal separation from God.

Jesus Christ, when He suffered and died on the cross, paid the penalty for our sins.  He who was guiltless took our guilt.  It is like someone who owes a great sum of money, and someone comes along and pays off that debt.  Jesus came and paid our debts that we might go free.  The punishment for our sins fell upon him, and we are saved and go free.   Thank You, Jesus for dying on the cross for our sins!