What are the 2 Most Common Words in the Whole Bible?

There are many words in the Bible. What are the 2 words found the most?  (Hint -- they must be important!)

The Bible has millions of words, and was written in 2 main languages -- Hebrew and Greek. 

But when it is translated into different languages, no matter what language, there are 2 words that are by far the most common (and a 3rd that follows after that).

In giving these words, we are not counting prepositions (like "the") or verbs (like the word "is") since these words show up frequently but don't have a lot of meaning in and of themselves.

The two most common words?

  • Lord
  • God

What is Number 3?

  • Man

Just look in a newspaper, or a magazine, or online. What do we read all about? We read about #3 -- man, and woman, and all their doings and how important they are.

Yet God is the Lord over all the universe. If we know Him and learn about Him, we can find ultimate truth and happiness. God is the Lord; He is God and He loves us; He is the embodiment of all that is good; and He created man. We are not #1 in the universe -- God is! And that same God loves us and wants us to be His children.