Why is it Important to Sing Praises to God?

The Bible talks about our singing praises to God.  Why is this important?

Particularly in the book of Psalms but also in the New Testament, the Bible talks a lot about singing praises to God. Even in difficult circumstances, God's people sang His praises. Paul and Silas sang praises when in prison; in the Old Testament, the people of God might sing praises as they went out to battle.

One good reason to sing praises to God is just because the Bible tells us to! If God tells us to do something in the Bible, we should ask His help and do it!  

It is also good because God is worthy of all of our praises! God is wonderful, and awesome, and good, and loving, and righteous, and holy, and so much more. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins. God deserves all our praises!

Another reason to sing praises to God is that it expresses faith in God, rather than our natural tendency to focus on our problems.

It is also good because God created music and music can be a beautiful way of expressing praise to God. 

So let us praise God by singing His praises and letting Him know that we love Him!