3 Keys to Answered Prayer

We all want to see God answer our prayers. Sometimes our prayers are selfish or it seems like God is not answering them.

What are the keys to a successful prayer life? Here are 3 key ideas.

1) Pray according to God's will. Start by studying the Bible; ask God to show you His will. If we pray according to God's will we can have great faith.

2) Pray in Jesus' Name. We must receive Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord and become a child of God. Then, as we pray to God in the Name of Jesus Christ, we are speaking to our heavenly Father.

3) Pray patiently in faith. God asks us to believe in Him and to have faith. Sometimes God answers our prayers quickly; other times it may take time. Abraham in the Bible believed God but it took many years until he received God's promise. So ask in faith and believe and trust God!