5 Easy Ways To Love Your Neighbor

Most of us live fairly close to other people. Some of them we may like, some we may not get along with, but we are told by Jesus to love them all!

What are some practical ways that we can love on our neighbors, whether we are friends with them or not?

  1.  Be friendly- Say "hi", give a "wave" when you see them or take a minute to stop and chat.

  2.  Help- If they need help with tasks around the house or yard, such as raking leaves or pulling weeds offer to help.

  3.  Share- Make them cookies or when you have extra food share with them.

  4.  Invite- Invite them to talk over coffee, tea, or a meal.

  5.  Pray- Pray for them and pray that God would give you the opportunity to share His love with them.