6 Keys to Successful Christian Living - Part 5

What is the 5th Key?

Here is another key to living a victorious Christian life. It is the church!

Often we think of the church as just a building, but that is not the real meaning. The real meaning of the church is all those who believe in Jesus Christ and have accepted Him. The "universal church" is all those around the world who have accepted Christ -- and there are many many millions of people.

The "local church" is the local group of Christians in your area, who worship in different congregations. It is highly important for you to ask God to help you find a good local church where Christ is exalted and the Bible is preached. A good church can help you in many ways:

  • You can worship God together with others.
  • You can hear great Christian teaching.
  • You can have others hold you accountable in your Christian life.
  • You can have others to pray with and to encourage and to be encouraged.
  • You can receive Christian guidance in your life.
  • Your family can connect with other Christians.

While church attendance alone doesn't make you a Christian, a good church can be a tremendous blessing in your life -- and it is an essential part of growing to be a successful and victorious Christian. So our Key #5?  It is the church!